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Vytran SCV-07-250 Vacuum-Capable Fiber Holder (for Cleavers)


Vytran APF-03-250 Fusion Splicer Replacement V-Grooves


Vytran VYT-200-C Integrated Module Controller


Vytran Recoat Mold 260um


Vytran -200 Recoater Mold Assembly for MRR / MMR, 260 µm Coating


Vytran Corporation VI-400 Fiber Holders 1 Set


Vytran Recoater rotary Proof test PTR-100-MRR 75865-001


Vytran FFS-1000 Filament Fusion Splicer. Does NOT include PC or sofware


Vytran PTR-200-VYT-200-C Vytran PTR-200 Recoater with VYT-200-C Controller


Vytran PTR-200-ARL Automatic Fiber Recoater and Tension Proof (280 um Coating)


Vytran PTR-200-ARC Automatic Fiber Recoater (280 um Coating)


Vytran PTR-200-ARL Fully Automatic Optical Fiber Recoater


Vytran PTR-100 Automatic Fiber Recoater Mod 280um or 420um


Vytran PTR-200 ARL 420um or 250um Fiber Recoater


Vytran MCM-200 Recoater Module Controller


Vytran Recoater Mold for 670 micro meter coating (very rare size)


Vytran PTR 200 LPT Fiber Linear Proof Tester, Modified with Splice Sleeve Heater


Vytran PTR-100 Combination Fiber Recoater and Proof/Tension Tester


Vytran Fiber Recoater compatable Power Supply


Vytran Splice and Recoat Tester and Splice Sleeve Curing Heater- Programmable


Vytran PTR-200


Vytran Solenoid for PTR-series Recoaters, AM2312 (New)




Vytran Solenoid for PTR-series Recoaters, 407651 (New)


Vytran FFS-1000 PM Filament Fiber Optic Polarization Maintaining Fusion Splicer


Vytran PT-25 Proof Tester / Tension Tester


Vytran LDS-1250 Large Diameter Splicer


Vytran FFS-1000 Fusion Splicer


Vytran FFS-2000 PM Fusion Splicer


Vytran FFS-2000 Fusion Splicer w/ Computer


Vytran FFS-1000 Fusion Splicer


Vytran PTR 100C Fiber Recoater & Proof Tester (For Repair or Parts)


Vytran Fiber Recoater/Proof Tester PTR 200 (Parts/Repair)


Vytran PTR 100C Fiber Recoater/Proof Tester (Part out or Repair)


Vytran FFS-2000 Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer